Back on December 16th I wrote the following article: Parents file lawsuit against Howard County school board to unravel gridlock preventing children from returning to school (Read Here). I wrote a follow up on January 15th: Parents provide an update about their lawsuit against the Howard County school board (Read Here).

The parents involved in this lawsuit have provided the following update on February 10th:

Update on the litigation:

Today the Board of Education of Howard County responded to our Complaint and motion for summary judgment. The Board is represented by a team of lawyers that include some claiming to be part of Georgetown Law School’s Constitutional law program. They have also recruited one of the largest law firms in our region to submit additional briefs to defeat our case, claiming to represent the interests of prior student board members.

In the mountains of paperwork filed by this large team of attorneys and over 50 pages of legal briefs, they could not find a single case throughout the entire nation where a court has held that it is constitutional to have a child sit in an otherwise elected position on a school board. That alone should tell you something about the practice in Maryland. Their own legal brief characterizes Maryland as being a “pioneer in this regard.” Surprisingly, as lawyers who contend to have a desire to have the Constitutional issue resolved by the Court, they raise a host of hyper-technical arguments to try to convince the Court that it should avoid the Constitutional issue.

Unfortunately, due to their delays and additional technical motions filed, we may not be able to obtain a speedy hearing and resolution of the matter, but we will do our best.

Thank you for your support!


In other related news to this lawsuit:

I will continue to do my best to track the progress of this lawsuit and updates from all parties involved.

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