The following email was sent out by the Howard County Education Association (HCEA) on February 9th:

Here is the text from the image above (performed by my OCR program):

This evening by a vote of 96%-4% HCEA Building Representatives passed a resolution authorizing Work-to-Rule status effective February 22, 2021. Now, members will have the chance to vote on that resolution. The power is in your hands. We must send a strong, clear message to the Board. I urge you to vote “Yes” on this resolution and commit to working-to-rule with your colleagues.


I know many of you are concerned about working-to-rule. This wasn’t our union’s or anyone’s preference. But the Board has brought us to this point. Now we must be vigilant for ways the Board may try to divide us: over who gets vaccines first, or who has to come into the building first. The Board wins when we are fighting among ourselves. We won’t be distracted, and we won’t be deterred. When we fight together as a union, we win.

In solidarity,


The request to vote has been sent to the HCEA members and I have been informed by a member of the HCEA the vote will close on Monday (February 15th).


Here is a previous article on the Work-To-Rule topic:

Howard County Education Association Board of Directors voted unanimously to approve a resolution authorizing Work to Rule effective Feb 22nd

I will continue to track this issue as I receive information.

Scott E