Discussion with Howard County Councilwoman Christiana Rigby about Council Bill 13-2021; February 16th at 3:30pm

Howard County Councilwoman Christiana Rigby (District 3) will join Scott E’s Blog for a discussion about Council Bill 13-2021 (CB13-2021) on February 16th at 3:30pm (Time changed from 3:00pm to 3:30pm at the request of the Councilmembers staff). The summary of this legislation reads:

AN ACT to prohibit the sale or distribution of certain single-use straws and stirrers, certain condiment packets and certain plastic food ware by certain food service facilities and retail business entities under specified circumstances; providing for exceptions to the prohibition; requiring certain establishments to have specified materials; providing for enforcement of the prohibition; specifying the duties of the Office of Community Sustainability; requiring fines to be placed in a certain Fund; and generally relating to waste reduction in the County.

As I read this legislation I see it in two parts: CB13-2021


I have a number of questions I will ask during this interview…a few of those include:

  • What is the purpose of this legislation?
  • Is this a ban on the products like plastic straws, plastic bowls, plastic plates and ketchup packets in food establishments or at take out form those establishments or is this really something different?
  • How does this legislation differ between entities operated by County Government vs businesses in our county?
  • If passed – when does this legislation begin?
  • Questions about the enforcement and penalties section of this legislation.

I am sure I will come up with other questions before our discussion on Tuesday the 16th of February. If you have any questions you would like me to ask email me (scott@scotteblog.com) and I will see if I can get those into the discussion.

Here is the Facebook event (for those that need a reminder like I do most times):  https://www.facebook.com/events/285139756357757/

You can watch the discussion on Scott E’s Blog Facebook page here:  https://www.facebook.com/scotteblog/videos/

I will have a follow up blog post with the interview and embed the video from Scott E’s Blog YouTube channel in that article.

Scott E


  1. Restaurants giving out plastic straws – BAD

    HCPSS burning extra gasoline to bus students out of their neighborhood schools – SOMEHOW THIS IS OK

    County Council Hypocrisy


  2. Lets find some add’l things to force HoCo restaurants, carryouts and fast food to go out of business. And, at the same time, help the dry cleaning businesses in HoCo. Even though, dry cleaning industry use hazardous chemicals plus disposable plastic film and hangers.

    Will chopsticks and soy sauce packets be banned in this legislation?

    One good thing will come out of this legislation, shorter car line at Chick-fil.

    The carryout restaurants in the neighboring counties are in support of this HoCo county council bill.
    Lets keep pushing shoppers to go outside of HoCo to buy things.

    Incidentally, how successful was the grocery bag tax?

    Does the proposed legislation reimburse people for medical expenses caused by using their fingers to stir hot coffee?


  3. Yes, lets see the resultant measurable outcomes on the plastic bag tax. Oh, I’m sorry, that’s right we don’t do that sort of thing — because, you know, clearly its a good idea. All while 22,000 students are behind in reading. Fascinatingly, hypocritical and ironic at the same time.


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