The following was reported during the Howard County Council meeting on February 8th: (watch that meeting here – see updates from HCPSS Superintendent at the 39:59 mark of the video)

From today’s County Council meeting and vaccine update:

Dr Martirano: 2,650 staff have received or have scheduled dose 1 vaccines this week.

-25 percent of total school staff population.
Tier 1 complete.
Tier 2 complete.
Tier 3: 8500 staff total
Tier 4: 676 staff total

-Positive feedback from Feb 4th clinic. Next scheduled clinic feb 12th. Hopkins allocated 550 doses today to HCPSS and 500 from HCHD.


-1,050 scheduled to receive at this Friday’s clinic.

-will send out survey to see how many staff receive vaccines thru other avenues.

(The information above was taken from Howard County Board of Education member Vicky Cutroneo Facebook post)


Dr Martirano also reported that this number (25%) could be higher due to staff members or teachers that have received doses through other sources (outside of the school system vaccine process) via the statewide offerings or via their own private health care provider.

Scott E