On February 8th the Maryland House of Delegates voted 95 to 37 to override Governor Larry Hogan’s veto of the Kirwan Commission’s education plan. Learn more here:

Here is a look at the votes from a tweet by Delegate Eric Luedtke:

The veto of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future has been overridden in the House! On to the Senate…


Not a big shock that votes from here in Howard County went right down party lines:

Voting No:

  • DISTRICT 9A (Carroll & Howard Counties)
    • Trent M. Kittleman (R)
    • Reid J. Novotny (R)

Voting Yes:

  • DISTRICT 9B (Howard County)
    • M. Courtney Watson (D)
  • DISTRICT 12 (Baltimore County & Howard County)
    • Eric D. Ebersole (D)
    • Jessica M. Feldmark (D)
    • Terri L. Hill (D)
  • DISTRICT 13 (Howard County)
    • Vanessa E. Atterbeary (D)
    • Shane E. Pendergrass (D)
    • Jennifer R. Terrasa (D)

Governor Hogan posted the following to social media yesterday after the vote:

Education is my top priority, which is why we have provided historically high funding for seven years in a row and proposed the largest investments in school construction in Maryland history. No governor has ever invested more in our schools. But while we’re working to get our kids back into classrooms and help Marylanders keep more of their hard-earned money, legislators are hellbent on pushing through a multi-billion dollar plan that can’t guarantee better outcomes for our kids.

An override of this common-sense veto will cost at least $6,200 in tax hikes for every Maryland family. As we continue to battle a global pandemic and the worst economic crisis since the Great Recession, the last thing Marylanders need is higher taxes.

Let me be very clear: we absolutely will not impose billions in crippling state and local tax increases on Marylanders.

Contact your senators right now and urge them to sustain this veto:

I have a pretty good idea how the State Senators that represent Howard County will vote but I will pay attention to that vote (possibly on Friday).

Scott E


  1. Hogan – ” An override of this common-sense veto will cost at least $6,200 in tax hikes for every Maryland family. ”

    When are American voters going to realize that our elected officials vote in favor of their party rather than what is good for Maryland (and U.S.) citizens ?

    The federal legislators are going to raise EVERYONE’s taxes. (Don’t believe only the people making over $400k will be effected.) And, now MD taxpayers are going to pay more in taxes on top of what we have to send to Washington. Plus, I bet HoCo council (pressured by county exec) raises our property taxes in May.

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