The Rouse Project has a petition to delay selection of the next Columbia Association President until after the April 24 CA Board Elections. You can find a link to the petition on The Rouse Project website

Noted on that petition:

With current Columbia Association (CA) President/CEO Milton W. Matthews ending his term in April, the organization has begun recruitment efforts to find a replacement.

Seven of the ten CA Board Members responsible for choosing the next president are up for re-election on April 24th. Given the timing of these elections, it is in the best interest of the incoming President, CA staff, the new CA Board and the community at-large to have the Columbia Association’s new leader be selected by the people who will be in place when he or she is hired.


We call upon the Columbia Association Board of Directors to delay selection of the next President/CEO until after their April 24 election.

Per the description on Facebook: The Rouse Project is a coalition of Columbia residents, businesses, institutions and advocacy groups working together for a more vibrant, inclusive and empowered future.

This is a listing of THE ROUSE PROJECT STEERING COMMITTEE members:

  • Victor Broccolino
  • Brad Canfield
  • George Carroll
  • Regina Clay
  • Larry Cohen
  • Vince Cullotta
  • Rev. Paige Getty
  • Dr. C. Vernon Gray
  • Jamison Hibbard
  • Sherman Howell
  • Jessica Mahajan
  • David Nitkin
  • Jean Parker
  • Wendy Slaughter
  • Sabina Taj
  • Frank Turner
  • Ken Ulman

Dr. Chao Wu wrote an article on his blog yesterday that mentions a recent email from The Rouse Project: What happening with CA board of director election?

Noted in that article from the email sent to Dr. Wu:

“The many years of service by current Board Members is commendable, however, the glaring lack of diversity on the Board – in age, race and income – sits in stark contrast with the diverse communities they were elected to represent. We believe it is time for new leadership that:Reflects the diversity and experience of the people it serves.Reimagines the priorities and vision of the CA Board to better align with the needs of Columbia residents, businesses and nonprofit organizations.Addresses antiquated systems of governance that fall short of modern best practices.Promotes ongoing community engagement and participation.Addresses social issues like equity and inclusion in a more relevant and public manner.

Back on November 18, 2020 the Columbia Association announced: Recruitment for New President/CEO Underway

Columbia Association (CA) is excited to officially begin recruitment for our next President/CEO, a process assisted by search firm Baker Tilly US, LLP. The successful candidate will see the pandemic as a catalyst for thinking outside of the box and taking a fresh look at new ways of providing services and programs with greater effectiveness and experience.

Current CA President/CEO Milton W. Matthews will end his term as President and CEO in April 2021. CA is grateful for the years Matthews has served this organization and this community.

A first review of resumes will occur on December 28, 2020.

I have much to learn about this new entity / organization. The Rouse Project announced its launch on February 4th:

I for one am very interested in a listing of the “businesses, institutions and nonprofits” that make up this entity. People are listed on the steering committee but I have not found a listing of “businesses, institutions and nonprofits” noted on the website.

I will continue to do my research and reach out to the group to obtain additional information…as well as watch the social media accounts and email releases.

Scott E

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