After I published the recent article “Howard County Council Member Liz Walsh provides information and opinion on Council Bill 7-2021 – Zoning Regulation Amendment requested by Developer Annapolis Junction Town Center LLC” I thought I would look up any campaign contributions from Annapolis Junction Town Center LLC to candidates or elected officials in Howard County. Here is what I was able to find online:

  • 12/01/2016 – Allan Kittleman – $1,000
  • 03/23/2018 – Christiana Rigby – $500
  • 09/04/2018 – Christiana Rigby – $500

Here is the full listing of all contributions I found online for Annapolis Junction Town Center LLC :  ContributionsList

Here is how you can look it up online:

Is this a big deal…well that depends on who you talk to about money and influence on legislation. To be honest the money here is pretty light in the big scheme of things…but worth noting before a vote on legislation noted as (Introduced by: The Chair at the request of Annapolis Junction Town Center, LLC).


Scott E


  1. Kittleman has been out of HoCo politics since 2018. This contribution was over 4 plus years ago.

    I doubt Rigby even remembers the $ 1k contribution in 2018.
    All of this is peanuts .

    The big question is – How much did Annapolis Junction Town Center lawyers and executives contribute?

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