Interview about the International Project of 22 Musicians from 7 Continents filtered through Columbia, Maryland – Intercontinen7al

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Howard County resident Matt Smith who was joined by Devin Heritage (from Edgewater) and Jamie Miller (from Columbia) about their music project Intercontinen7al in support of COVID-19 relief. This project includes 22 musicians from all 7 continents. The title of this article came from our discussion about this project. You can view the interview here:

Here is some additional information and helpful links for my readers:


Via the International Polar Foundation: “The Intercontinen7al initiative is the brainchild of amateur musician Matt Smith from Columbia, Maryland in the United States. After COVID-19 restrictions made it difficult for him to play with his bandmates in the Baltimore-Washington, DC area band Toast, he started using the BandLab online platform to compose and record songs with fellow local musicians.”

Here is the website for Intercontinen7al:

INTERCONTINEN7AL is now available streaming via SoundCloud and for download on most major digital stores, including iTunesAmazon, and Spotify.

If interested in the article BandLab did on their blog check out this link:

The COVID-19 Relief Fund on GoFundMe is here:

I can say I really enjoyed this interview. It is great to see local residents be so creative during this pandemic and be willing to give back in this way.

Scott E

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