Howard County COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan Update from County Executive Ball on February 2nd

The following Howard County Vaccine Distribution Plan was shared by Howard County Executive Calvin Ball via The Ball Bulletin email on February 2nd:

We’re working around the clock to rapidly scale up vaccination clinics and vaccinate up to 20,000 people per week. As we’ve known since the start of this pandemic, it’s going to take all of us working together to get to the other side of this. Please note, the Maryland Department of Health and the Governor have changed prioritizations under some of these phases.

Phase 1A
Vaccinations for Phase 1A are ongoing. Phase 1A include includes all licensed healthcare providers, correctional officers, law enforcement agencies, and frontline judiciary staff. The Health Department estimates there are up to 15,000 people in this group. Healthcare providers can register here.

Phase 1B
Phase 1B includes those ages 75 and over; those residing in assisted living facilities or special needs group homes; developmentally disabled populations; continuity of government; and K-12 teachers, education staff and childcare providers. The Health Department estimates there are up to 55,000 people in this group.

The Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) will coordinate vaccinations for their K-12 educators and staff. Registration for all who qualify under Phase 1B is now open, with the exception of HCPSS educators who will be contacted by their administrators.

Phase 1C
Phase 1C vaccinations are expected to begin in February. Phase 1C includes residents ages 65-74, public safety and health workers, essential workers in grocery stores, food production, labs, manufacturing, public transit and the postal service. Per the Maryland Department of Health, residents who are severely immunocompromised are now included under Phase 1C. The pre-registration for residents 65-74 is also open for residents.

HCC Clinic
The HCC vaccination clinic is now open and will be able to administer 1,500 doses per day, depending on supply from the State. The vaccinations will take place in the gymnasium of the Athletics and Fitness Center on campus and appointments are required. There is no need to arrive early, as this can cause long lines to form. Please arrive no more than 10 minutes early for your scheduled appointment.

We have conducted a thorough debrief with the Health Department and together we are deploying additional staff to assist with changes to the operation at HCC. We are operationalizing the following changes for the clinic:

Address Wait Times – Super Senior Saturday will be divided over two days to decrease the number of people onsite. Individuals will be directed to a holding parking lot until their appointed time to limit the number of people waiting in the line.

Traffic and Directional Management – There will be increased traffic flow to manage higher volumes of cars. More staff will be outside for better direction and signage will be clearer.

Mobile Vaccinations – Mobility issues for the elderly will be taken into consideration and there will be an increased ability for individuals to be vaccinated in their cars.

Other Amenities – Porta potties will be available on site and there will be more wheel chairs available.

Older Adult Outreach
The Office on Aging and Independence (OAI) is working to increase vaccine communications with phone calls, online information, signage and flyers posted throughout 55+ communities, senior residences or apartment buildings, assisted living facilities, healthcare providers and commercial areas, through traditional mail, and even through COVID-safe in-person direct community engagement.

Bilingual staff are available to assist those with limited English proficiency who may need support signing up for vaccination or to answer questions. Translated documents are available on the Department of Community Resources and Services website in Korean, Chinese, and Spanish, and there are resources available to assist those who are visually or hearing impaired.

For residents without access to the internet or may not be comfortable with using technology, may reach our Maryland Access Point Staff by calling 410-313-1234 to reach a staff person.


Scott E


  1. I went to HCCC on Saturday January 30. It was sheer pandemonium. Traffic was backed in one direction on Little Pautuxent Parkway to Cedar Lane. I have no idea how far traffic was backed up in the other direction. There was no traffic control. People were cutting in line. Out of frustration I decided to cancel my reservation and return. The number of reservations per time slot and the amount of time alotted between reservation times was a huge miscalculation. Access to the athletic center was another problem. Why not have the clinic set up at a high school where access is easy and has plenty of parking? For example, River Hill H. easy to get in and out, it has a huge parking lot, the traffic flow is in one direction and there is easy access to the gymnasium. I noticed on Saturday, while trying to find the end of the line, that the hospital had a drive-thru covid testing station that wasn’t being used. Why not offer drive-thru? I trust that a lesson was learned after the mess on the 30th.


  2. We have been registering for 1B seniors COVID vaccination for the last two weeks. We have not been able to get an appointment anywhere. Sent emails and voice mails to the coordinator with no response. They keep sending those email registration forms online with no effect.


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