Noted in the Howard County Police Daily Crime Bulletin, Monday, February 1, 2021

Theft from vehicle/vehicle break-in

Elkridge, 21075: 7100 block of Ducketts Lane, Jan. 29-30 overnight, tires
6300 block of Bayberry Court, Jan. 30 2-11:50 a.m., tires

Here are the areas noted above:

Ducketts Lane:

Bayberry Court:

I usually do not report out the “Theft from vehicle/vehicle break-in” items noted in the HCPD crime log but this is report hit home with me. The photo in the article is one of the vehicles noted in the report. This is the vehicle of a good friend.

Imagine getting up one morning to run some errands and this is what you walk outside to see? I would be all kind of angry.

At times it feels like Howard County is a prime target for vehicle break-ins as well as stolen tires, airbags and catalytic converters regularly noted in the crime report.

Again…this one hit close to home for me and I do not want to feel like I need to worry about my vehicle at night just because it is parked outside. I do not want to wake up to all of my tires being gone.

I hope our Police Department cracks down on the people doing this stuff in our county. There have to be ways to lessen this activity.

Scott E


  1. A few years a go I had a friend who had the same thing happen– woke up and all 4 tires GONE. This was the neighborhood near Giant in Elkridge, the townhouse community. TONs of activity there– my friends house was near the entrance.. just awful. She said the police were not helpful at all. I hope things are better. Just awful.


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