Upcoming Interview with Howard County resident Matt Smith about his international music project in support of COVID-19 Relief

Scott E’s Blog will interview Howard County resident (Columbia) Matt Smith about his international music project in support of COVID-19 Relief. This interview will take place on February 2nd at 11:00am.

Matt Smith is the “brainchild” of the Intercontinen7al initiative:

During 2020, when people all over the world became impacted by the pandemic, 22 musicians using the service BandLab were able to collaborate virtually to create 12 original songs and prove music can thrive in the COVID era. All proceeds* for the album will go towards the COVID-19 Relief Fund. (*after taxes/store fees)

Here is the website for Intercontinen7al: https://intercontinen7al.com/

Some of the topics I plan to discuss during this interview:

  • How the idea of this initiative came about
  • How he used BandLab to make this project a reality
  • The complexities of working with 22 musicians spanning all seven continents
  • How the money from this project will go toward COVID-19 relief

Matt may be joined by a couple of the other musicians (his bandmates in the Baltimore-Washington, DC area band Toast) that took part in this initiative. If they are able to attend this interview I look forward to hearing how this collaboration works online between the various musicians from their point of view.

I will be live streaming this interview on Scott E’s Blog Facebook page. You can watch it here:  https://www.facebook.com/scotteblog/videos/

If you need a reminder (like I do most times) here is the Facebook Event for the interview tomorrow:  https://www.facebook.com/events/268210288061473

I will post a follow up article tomorrow with the interview embedded in that article.

Scott E

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