Columbia Association wants to encourage everyone to get involved in the upcoming Board of Directors’ elections

Shared by the Columbia Association on January 29th:

Columbia Association (CA) wants to encourage everyone to get involved in the upcoming Board of Directors’ elections. Whether you’re interested in running for the Board or casting your ballot, we would love to see as many people engaged as possible.

Board basics

Each village has a representative on the Board of Directors that is voted in by the public. Most members serve two-year terms, with the exception of Hickory Ridge, Oakland Mills and Wilde Lake (those villages serve one-year terms). Seven of the ten seats on CA’s Board of Directors are up for election in April. Those include:

  • Dorsey’s Search
  • Hickory Ridge
  • Kings Contrivance
  • Long Reach
  • Oakland Mills
  • River Hill
  • Wilde Lake

In order to run in April, prospective candidates need to file the appropriate paperwork with their respective village throughout March. Each village conducts that process differently, so you’ll want to reach out to their village to check on those deadlines and details. CA is working to consolidate that information and will provide that as soon as possible.

Thinking about running?

CA is hosting a virtual information session for anyone who might be interested in running for the Board of Directors. Leadership will review the functions of the organization, CA’s mission and how your service on the Board can make a difference. You can also get your questions answered about the commitment, the Board’s impact on the strategic direction of CA and anything else you’re wondering.

This virtual information session will happen at 10am on Saturday, February 20. No registration is required. You’ll be able to access the meeting on Google Meet. The link will be posted closer to the date, but feel free to RSVP to our Facebook event for the latest.

We know civic participation can make a difference, whether it decides our national leaders, our state legislators, county representatives or village board members. CA will continue to update you on election dates, times and locations. Your voice matters, so please get involved on every and any level.


Current CA Board Members include:

Scott E

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