Howard County Board of Education Approves Schedule for HCPSS 2020-2021 Hybrid In-Person Model

The Howard County Board of Education (HoCoBOE) will hold a Virtual Work Session about HCPSS Reopening on January 26th.  This follows the Work Session the Board held on January 25th.

During the meeting on January 25th:

  • HCPSS Superintendent provided remarks (CLICK HERE)
  • Dr. Maura Rossman, Howard County Health Officer attended and answered questions from Board members
  • A plan was presented by HCPSS staff (CLICK HERE)
  • A number of questions were asked and answered during this meeting on the 25th

Here is the proposed timeline in the presentation from HCPSS staff:

You can watch the 2 hour HoCoBOE Work Session from January 25th here:

Here is the agenda for the Board meeting on January 26th:

You can watch all HoCoBOE meetings here:

I am guessing a great many people will be watching this evening to see what “Action” is taken by the Board as it relates to reopening schools.

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Scott E


  1. “The Howard County Board of Education (HoCoBOE) will hold a Virtual Work Session about HCPSS Reopening on January 26th.”

    You should reword this to say, “The Howard County Board of Education will hold a Virtual Work Session on January 26th to discuss the reopening of HCPSS.”

    Otherwise, it reads that schools will open today. 🙂

  2. I think until the boards comfortable meeting in person He shouldn’t be asking anyone else return in person either

  3. This is ridiculous! The numbers are steady rising and they are forcing teachers and students back to school. I am a Howard county resident and my children will NOT be returning to school. The last time I checked Governor Hogan isn’t a doctor!

  4. This is ridiculous. The situation hasn’t gotten better. It’s only gotten worse. What possibly could be the rationale for returning now? So it’s ok to be going back now that it’s worse? So then what is the excuse for having kids out of school until now if now that it’s gotten worse it’s ok to return? How many months are left in the year? 5? If you can make it another 5 months you get a free 4 months to vaccinate people and hopefully get this thing under control. What the hell are you going to tell the families of people that die because of this? “Those 5 months were super important and it just sucks to be you that you didn’t get a vaccination in time to protect your family member. Bad timing I guess”?

    This is even dumber now that there’s a vaccine. Before you could at least justify it with, “Well, we don’t know how long we are going to be living with this so we have to find a way to get on with life with an acceptable balance of risk”. Now that there’s a vaccine what’s your excuse now? Because you can’t be bothered to fix the vaccine distribution problem and you’re impatient?

  5. The higher ups in this county are shady and do not care about anyone else but themselves and their status. As a Custodian in the county on June 1st we were told to come back, then were told after we clean the schools were going back home and of course they changed that because they did not want to pay us to come back home (yet it’s acceptable to pay us to sit around and do nothing for 8 hrs because we’ve already thoroughly cleaned these rooms a few times in the summer, occasionally dust the classrooms) This would be fine but they still have had maintenance go around to every school and come into contact with everyone, so essentially a custodian from a school in Columbia could have been out over the weekend contracted the virus unknowingly and came in on Monday. A maintenance man comes in, and comes in contact with that custodian and unknowingly has now got covid and after he has completed his assignment at that school he drives to a school in Ellicott City and comes in contact with custodians in that school, and this has happened a lot since July.
    Not once has the board/custodial leaders have told anyone other than maintenance about schools that have contracted the virus. Shouldn’t that be something you tell your employees? They sent out emails but never mention that a school or a few schools have contracted the virus. My bosses have to ask the maintenance people that come in if any schools got shutdown that week because of the virus and they’d run off the list to us. Pretty sure you shouldn’t keep that confidential. This has happened repeatedly too, at one point 8-9 schools had the virus at once…nothing. You talk about how much you appreciate us but clearly you don’t care. What’s the difference in paying us at home? Or paying us to clock in and do nothing? Your wasting more money by having all the lights on in the school for 8-12 hours, having the A/C or heating running, having maintenance testing equipment. Having us here for no reason has just exposed all of us to the virus and the majority of HoCo schools have got the virus, mine included. Now we have Hogan pushing to have schools go back….why? Because the school children through testing are further behind then last year in the county…..well yeah that’s everyone in the country. Hogan just because a vaccine has been made doesn’t mean we should go back to school when the majority of staff have not got the vaccine. Bringing back people because the virus numbers have gone down is also ridiculous, we all know that having a bunch of people together in a group social distancing or not the numbers are going to go up. Children are getting the virus, despite what the governor’s people say. Wasn’t Hogan nearly crying 2 months ago because a one year old in MD passed. In Howard County HS have 8-10, MS-5, ES-4 Custodians per team and a lot of schools have contracted the virus with having just the custodians and one principal and maintenance people in and out of the building. What makes you think that bringing kids and teachers back is going to be a a good idea with few vaccinated, and having more people in the building?

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