The following Howard County Vaccine Distribution Plan was shared by Howard County Executive Calvin Ball via The Ball Bulletin email on January 25th:

We’re working around the clock to rapidly scale up vaccination clinics and vaccinate up to 20,000 people per week. As we’ve known since the start of this pandemic, it’s going to take all of us working together to get to the other side of this.

Phase 1A 
Vaccinations for Phase 1A are ongoing. Phase 1A include includes all licensed healthcare providers, correctional officers, law enforcement agencies, and frontline judiciary staff. The Health Department estimates there are up to 15,000 people in this group.

Phase 1B 
Phase 1B includes those ages 75 and over; those residing in assisted living facilities or special needs group homes; developmentally disabled populations; continuity of government; and K-12 teachers, education staff and childcare providers. The Health Department estimates there are up to 35,000 people in this group.

The Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) will coordinate vaccinations for K-12 educators and staff. Registration for all who qualify under Phase 1B will be open this week. Please stay tuned for more information.

Phase 1C 
Phase 1C vaccinations are expected to begin in February. Phase 1C includes residents ages 65-74, public safety and health workers, essential workers in grocery stores, food production, labs, manufacturing, public transit and the postal service. The pre-registration for residents 65-74 is also open for residents.

HCC Clinic 
The HCC vaccination clinic opens this week and will be able to administer 1,500 doses per day, depending on supply from the State. The vaccinations will take place in the gymnasium of the Athletics and Fitness Center on campus and will require appointments. The college’s Health Sciences Division has partnered with the Howard County Health Department and Howard County General Hospital to help with vaccination distribution. HCC students will also assist with intake, vaccination, patient teaching, and out-processing of patients. Additionally, several of the college’s nursing faculty have volunteered their time help administer vaccines.

Older Adult Outreach 
The Office on Aging and Independence (OAI) is working to increase vaccine communications with phone calls, online information, signage and flyers posted throughout 55+ communities, senior residences or apartment buildings, assisted living facilities, healthcare providers and commercial areas, through traditional mail, and even through COVID-safe in-person direct community engagement.

Bilingual staff are available to assist those with limited English proficiency who may need support signing up for vaccination or to answer questions. Translated documents are available on the Department of Community Resources and Services website in Korean, Chinese, and Spanish, and there are resources available to assist those who are visually or hearing impaired.

For residents without access to the internet or may not be comfortable with using technology, may reach our Maryland Access Point Staff by calling 410-313-1234 to reach a staff person.

Mobile Integrated Unit 
The Department of Fire and Rescue’s Mobile Integrated Community Health (MICH) program has been integral to the COVID-19 pandemic response. From the onset, the MICH has deployed rapid response teams, decontamination teams, follow up home visits for patients that were symptomatic or known positive but chose to convalesce at home, and more recently sample collection for public safety personnel’s anti-body testing.

The MICH team will now be pivoting to assist the Health Department with the vaccination clinics. The team’s ability to move around to locations where groups or individuals are not ambulatory will help in the vaccination of at-risk groups or people. Currently, this program is in the planning phase to determine facility/location need, logistical needs between the Health Department and Fire and Rescue.


Scott E


  1. This is great, however confusing: is he talking about all the vaccinations in Howard County , or just those performed by the HCHD. The Governor has stated that phase 1C has started yesterday, whereas the County Executive is talking about starting the phase 1C in February … again , what is going on ?!?


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