The meeting is still going at the time of me writing this article but I thought I would share this update from Howard County Board of Education member Vicky Cutroneo:

It became clear the Superintendent’s proposed phased in plan did not have majority support and that a compromise would be necessary to move us forward.

Though I articulated my concerns with delays bringing student groups back, a 4-4 stalemate is not progress and does nothing towards bringing students back into the buildings. I do hope that this new plan does in fact allow more staff to be vaccinated but there are no guarantees with vaccine availability.

I am also pleased our most impacted and youngest students will be brought back first. Special ed, struggling students, English language learners, PreK-2.


We will return from dinner at 6:30pm to vote on the concurrent hybrid instructional plan and other items.

Here are the return dates noted this evening:
3/1: students currently with an IEP, and students who were identified by school staff and invited to participate in the School-Based Learning Centers last fall
3/15: preK through 2nd grade
3/29: 3rd through 6th, 9th, and 12th grade
4/12: 7th, 8th, 10th, and 11th

I am sure the HCPSS will put out an official announcement tonight or tomorrow and when that is published I will be sure to share that statement and information on the blog.

Finally at 8:44pm – A very long and somewhat confusing motion was passed related to the Hybrid Model.

Here is information on the “Hybrid Model” per what was presented on January 25th:$file/01%2025%202021%20School%20Status%20Work%20Session%20PowerPoint.pdf.

I am sure the update from the HCPSS will provide all of the details up to this point…stay tuned for that update.

Scott E