On January 23, 2021 Scott E’s Blog (Howard County and Carroll County) set an all time high in page views in one day with 15,963 page views and 14,258 visitors (per WordPress stats):

Google Analytics showed even a higher page count for the blog on January 23rd (16,794 page views):

The top locations in Maryland of the viewers yesterday was interesting vs what is the norm for the blog site:

There was one article that was by far the driving force behind the page views on January 23rd:

This one article accounted for more than 70% of the traffic on the blog on January 23rd and I expect this article to be one of the most read posts in all of 2021.

My fun data nerd fact of the day:

  • Scott E’s Blog had 18,948 page views from January 4, 2014 – December 31, 2014 and yesterday the blog had 15,963 page views.

Thanks to everyone reading the blog and always feel free to reach out if there are items you think I should write about for the readers. I can not promise I will get to or write about every story sent but I love hearing suggestions or getting tips on things our communities might be interested in learning more about via the blog.

Scott E