The following was posted on January 23rd:

Last time we checked, 7,600 was NOT the same as 15,857. So why does the state say HoCo has given out so many more doses than HoCo Health? It’s simple: the state’s dashboard includes ALL of the doses that come into our County. As you have probably heard by now, there are 3 main partners distributing vaccine in HoCo: Howard County General Hospital, CVS and Walgreens pharmacies, and us, your Health Department. The hospital is working to vaccinate their large staff of 1A workers, and the pharmacies operate under a federal contract to vaccinate our nursing home and assisted living residents and staffs. Here at HoCo Health Dept., we continue to work hard, getting doses out to our 1A and 1B folks and looking ahead to 1C as more doses are allocated to us. The state tracks each dose that is administered in HoCo, while our dashboard tracks the doses that we receive and administer ourselves. (In other words: both numbers are right!) We’re grateful for your patience, HoCo, and we’re working hard for you. We hope to be able to welcome you to a vaccine clinic soon!


I am happy to see this explanation of the data from the Health Department to their followers on social media. I know it was confusing me before I reached out and asked.

This is the information posted by Scott E’s Blog on January 21st on this topic:

As of January 23rd the state dashboard shows 21,892 COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in Howard County (19,000 first doses and 2,892 second doses):

Be sure to check out the Howard County Health Department COVID Vaccine page here for information and links to surveys:

I now track the vaccination data updates daily for the state, Howard County and Carroll County in my 2021 COVID-19 Google Spreadsheet.

Scott E


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