I have been following COVID-19 data reported by the state of Maryland and Howard County for some time now (and recently began tracking data in Carroll County). The most recent data being published by the state and local jurisdictions that has great interest to readers is vaccination data.

Recently the state updated their COVID-19 dashboard with vaccination data by county. Here is what is reported as of this morning (January 19th at 9:00am):

If I am reading this information correctly it is reporting the following:

  • Howard County: 16,276 vaccinations administered (14,522 first doses and 1,754 second doses)
  • Carroll County: 8,766 vaccinations administered (8,122 first doses and 644 second doses).

These numbers are SIGNIFICANTLY different than what these two local jurisdictions have reported recently.

In Howard County on their COVID-19 Dashboard as of this morning:

Also the Howard County Executive reported the following on January 17th: “To date, we have received a total of 7,600 vaccines from the State and administered 85.1% of our allocation, which is 6,470 doses.”

The Carroll County Health Department reported the following on December 18th “The Carroll County Health Department has vaccinated around 3,000 people with the COVID-19 vaccine since late December. They have completed most of Phase 1A and are beginning to vaccinate people in Phase 1B. They will prioritize people in Phase 1B and are not vaccinating people in 1C at this time.”

So to recap the vaccination numbers:

  • Howard County:
    • State reported number: 16,276 vaccinations administered
    • Howard County reported number: 6,470 vaccinations administered
  • Carroll County:
    • State reported number: 8,766 vaccinations administered
    • Carroll County reported number: around 3,000 vaccinations administered

I have reached out to the recommended contacts within the Maryland Department of Health for additional information and I have not received a response to my emails or voicemail at the time of this article release.

Update: I placed a call to the Carroll County Health Department and left a voicemail. I am hoping someone responds so I can ask questions about their local numbers.

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball will provide an update on vaccination Phase 1B today at 12:30pm. I am going to try and attend if my work schedule allows today. Dr. Maura Rossman (Howard County Health Officer) is scheduled to be at this press conference so maybe I can get some additional information about the local numbers vs state numbers.

If additional information comes my way on this topic I will be sure to update my readers.

Note – new COVID-19 data will be released at 10:00am from the state of Maryland on their dashboard.

Scott E


  1. Correct data is so important! Thank YOU for staying on top of it for us! You are amazing and I love getting all your updates on what is happening in our County!

  2. It is a reality that Howard county and the State of Maryland have been at odds with regard of numbers reporting since the very beginning of the pandemic. Now this is a blatant proof of numbers manipulation or complete systemic incompetence and lack of cooperation at both levels. We expect honest, transparent and consistent reporting. Also, these officials paid by our taxes owe us an explanation of why they report such different numbers and what they will do to fix it . Else is hard to believe any of them

  3. According to HC site, the number of vaccinations has been stagnant for the last two days at 6470 administered. What is the explanation, since there enough vaccines doses to be administered.

  4. The numbers from Howard County reflect the vaccines given by the Howard county health department. Hospital systems report their numbers directly to the state and not through the county. So all of the vaccines given by Howard County General through Johns Hopkins are not reported to the Howard County health department but directly to the state vaccine database. This was explained in an earlier press conference by Hogan. Vaccines are currently distributed to hospitals, health departments and the CVS/Walgreen partnership for long term care. They are all managed independently and reported directly to the state. Eventually vaccines will be distributed to pharmacies directly and will only be tracked to the state system.

    • Thank you for additional clarification, however I’m still confused by the statement “vaccines given by Howard County General Hospital through Johns Hopkins are not reported to Howard County Health Department…” ; could you elaborate why is this so confusing and why is not explicitly spelled out in the reporting. Does not add up …


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