Less Plastics Please In Howard County Wants You To Rat Out Businesses Not Enforcing The Plastic Bag Fee / Tax

A local special interest group is asking residents to “rat out” businesses that are not enforcing the plastic bag fee / tax in Howard County. Less Plastics Please posted the following on social media today:

HoCo Peeps! The Bag Bill is only as strong as the enforcement. If you see a violation, it is critical to report it. Here is all the information:

Bag Bill information
Bag bill enforcement
Howard County Dept. of Finance

Less Plastics Please is “A group of dedicated volunteers working to reduce plastic pollution generated in Howard County MD”.

Many readers of this blog know what I think about the BAG TAX here in Howard County. I am not a fan. Ban them and the local officials will have my support…make money off of plastic bags at check out and to me this is about money and not getting rid of the problem.

Many businesses are having a hard time right now…”telling on them” over this seems wrong in a number of ways. Our County Council members had an opportunity to delay this tax / fee on our residents (because every business passes this through to you and me that shop here in Howard County) but decided to go another direction…let it stand and enforce a new fee on us during this pandemic and generate revenue for the county.

Now this special interest group is asking you and me to “rat out” the businesses not enforcing this fee on shoppers.

All of the things happening in our country, state and county and this is their big issue…”rat out” your local businesses that are just trying to survive right now. WOW.

Do what you think is best for our county. I will not “rat out” a business currently not enforcing this legislation…the county has people they pay to do that for us and I will let them do their jobs. I have enough other issues to deal with right now.

Yep…those that read this blog regularly will see I am not over this issue yet.

Scott E


  1. Oh great. Rat out people. What a way to continue the division of this country. Truth be told, I reuse the plastic bags. Whether it is using them in small trash cans for bathrooms or putting food in them before throwing it away in a larger trash bags. The paper bags, I through away. There is no second use of them.

    Scott, I would not have given this group your mindshare or time it took to create and post this blog.


    • I hear ya. We also reuse our bags. We have a large dog and use those plastics for their waste…or for small trashcan around the house. Now we go out and purchase plastic bags for those purposes. Thanks special interest group and elected officials that made that happen. You just got money or generated money for other businesses….while not actually affecting the REAL issue. This is all silly…but what Howard County is becoming more and more each year.


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