New Ballot Issue Committee in Howard County created to Repeal CB63-2020, Sanctuary County

A new Ballot Issue Committee has been established: Citizens for a Strong and Safe Howard County in Opposition of CB 63-2020. This committee was established on December 29, 2020.

The listed Chairperson of this committee is Lisa Marie Fenton Kim.

You can see the information I have about this committee here (click image below to view full PDF):

The committee does have a website:

I have not seen any social media accounts associated with this committee (nothing listed on the website).

CB63-2020 was passed by the Howard County Council on December 7th by a vote of 4-1. Here is a summary of that legislation:

AN ACT providing that County employees, departments and agents shall take, or refrain from taking, specified actions with respect to the immigration status of specified individuals; prohibiting certain discrimination based on immigration status; requiring that certain information related to citizenship, nationality or immigration status be kept confidential; providing a procedure whenever specified provisions may be preempted by other law; requiring specified officials to take actions under certain circumstances; specifying which actions may and may not be taken by certain County departments, officers, and officials during participation on certain task forces; requiring County departments to adopt specified policies and make specified reports; governing the expenditure of certain County resources; and generally relating to human rights in Howard County

This legislation was signed by Howard County Executive Calvin Ball on December 10th.

Here is the final version of the legislation listed online: CB63-2020 final

I expect this committee and issue to generate a lot of discussion in the county.

Scott E


  1. Scott,
    A woman on the Maple Lawn FB site has stated that those collecting signatures are spewing racist and xenophobic rhetoric. She further states that they are “intimidating” folks into signing, and are paid for each signature. If this is untrue, I would suggest going on the site and dispelling this horrific statements.


  2. Lisa Kim is not the only one behind this hateful site. I have seen emails about it from councilman David Yungmann who is a known Trump supporter and we all know what Trump supporters did at the Capitol. People like this are not making the county safer they are making the county unsafe. Undocumented residents of our county are less likely to cooperate with police if they think their immigration status will be used against them. Statistics show on average “35.5 fewer crimes committed per 10,000 in sanctuary counties compared to non sanctuary counties.” People who try to play on the fear of our residents that they will be “unsafe” if we have sanctuary status are actually hurting our county in countless ways including making us less safe.


  3. Look at the crime statistics of Montgomery county that is a sanctuary county. This is not about race but about keeping our communities safe. We have lots of immigration in our county. This is about keeping our property values up, rape of children down, and violence in our neighborhoods.

    A significant increase in homicides and other crimes in Montgomery County, Maryland, so far this year has led county police Chief Marcus Jones to label it a “disturbing trend.”

    There have been eight homicides in 2021 already, with seven occurring in January, Jones said during a Montgomery County Council committee meeting Thursday.

    “It’s unprecedented in its own right,” Jones said. “We’ve never had seven homicides in one month.”

    Car jackings are on the rise, particularly in the Silver Spring and Bethesda areas, and robberies are also up, according to Jones.

    “We have had nearly a 40% jump in armed robberies in the county,” Jones said. “It’s something we really don’t want to take our eyes off.”


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