Back on December 16th I wrote the following article: Parents file lawsuit against Howard County school board to unravel gridlock preventing children from returning to school (Read Here). The parents involved in this lawsuit have provided the following update this morning:

LAWSUIT UPDATE – please share widely.

There is a key vote on February 11th by the HCPSS BOE to determine if kids get to see the inside of school this year.

Our BOE is CONSIDERING two half days a week in Late April or May.


Surrounding counties have plans to open, some fully, with dates in Feb and March. We are wondering if the same typical BOE vote will be deadlocked again at 4-4?

Kim and I thought it might be a good time to share an update on our lawsuit against the Constitutionality of the Student’s vote. Here we go:

**HCPSS is spending YOUR tax dollars to hire outside counsel to represent them in this case. A DC firm specializing in Constitutional issues.

**HCPSS was required to respond to our complaint by 1/19 and instead sought an extension of THREE ADDITIONAL WEEKS TO PREPARE, making it nearly impossible to get a ruling before another key BOE vote.

**Clearly they delayed their response time and are stalling to try to run the clock out.

**We would have hoped the BOE would respect the legal process and invite a judge to rule on the issue in a speedy manner as the rules provide, but HCPSS is kicking the can down the road.

**Kim and I are surmising these actions suggest they are seriously concerned about an adverse ruling and its expected impact on the reopening of schools in Howard County.

**It is a shame they have opted to spend so much taxpayer money to keep our schools closed.

**The bigger question we have, why? What is the political agenda here? Ohio, WVU, PA, NJ, NY and now surrounding counties are OPENING PUBLIC SCHOOLS, but not HCPSS.

***The Mission of HCPSS is: “To ensure academic success and social-emotional well-being for each student in an inclusive and nurturing environment that closes opportunity gaps”. In our opinion, the BOE and Super Martirano are failing in that mission.

Please share this post, or better yet, e-mail these e-mail addresses below asking for them to 1) host a public town hall and 2) to open the schools please.


As this is an ongoing lawsuit I do not expect the Howard County Board of Education members to comment on what is happening but if they do (as a group or as individual members) I will be sure to report that on the blog.

This morning I wrote about the recent decision from Anne Arundel Board of Education concerning Hybrid learning options for students: The Board of Education of Anne Arundel County voted to implement a hybrid learning program no later than March 1, 2021; health and safety metrics permitting (Read Here)

Scott E


  1. I would be willing to bet that on Feb. 4, the BOE will vote to allow the 2 half days per week and then try to argue that the vote moots the complaint filed against them. However, the constitutional question will not be moot.

  2. Hello? Are we not in the middle of a pandemic? What about the health and safety of our children, teachers, and staff?Thousands are dying everyday in our country. With the new vaccination plan, teachers will begin to receive the vaccine next week. There are two vaccinations required for effectiveness- 3 weeks apart. How about volunteering to give shots so schools can safely open again?

    • And some teachers were still teaching from home, with a substitute teacher in the classroom. What’s the point?

  3. As a HCPSS parent, I am completely for virtual schooling to keep student’s and teacher’s safe. As a working mother, schooling 2 kids from home is hard. But the consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic more profound and devastating. I am in agreement with HCPSS’s approach of basing decisions on health metrics, but it seems like the parents suing the school system are not considering the changing dynamics of the pandemic and are trying to drive their own agenda.

    • The parents suing the school system is to get the board out of a vote of 8 persons. With 7 adult voting members and one voting child, they can easily rest in non-decision with the tied vote. They are hiding instead of leading. What is leadership if just playing kick the can or hot potato with important decisions?

      as a hcpss parent, my child is suffering (advanced as my child is, my child is mentally over “the virtual classroom”, completely shut down on more occasions than a parent would like to see). There are other children suffering in silence and will not be ready for the next grade level.

      Anyone reading this, don’t only think of how well your virtual experience is going for you, but think of kids that are having a hard time. Single parent, working parent, no social interaction kids / only child, non affluent parent, alcoholic / stressed / abusive parent etc..

      Vaccinate the staff and reopen the schools, hybrid or whatever. Children are hurting.

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