The Howard County Health Department COVID-19 dashboard is showing 63 beds in use due to patients with COVID-19 on January 14th (50 Acute and 13 ICU). This represents the highest number of beds in use due to COVID-19 reported by the Howard County Health Department.

Yesterday the number of beds in use due to COVID-19 reported on the dashboard (for January 13th) was 38. This would be a one day jump of 25 beds in use.

The previous high number of beds in use was 55 reported for January 9th.

The day information is reported is always for the previous day on the dashboard.


Here are some charts from the dashboard today:

Here are important links with data on Coronavirus (COVID-19) numbers I use regularly:

Note: Daily COVID-19 updates going forward will only happen when something significant needs to be reported during the week. Weekly weekend charts will continue to happen on Saturday or Sunday (depending on my schedule and the timing of the release of the information). Monthly charts will happen around the 1st of each month.


Scott E