Howard County has seen the COVID-19 positivity rate climb over the past couple of weeks. The 7 day rolling average on December 25th was 5.15% and the numbers reported yesterday (for January 8th) had the positivity rate at 8.09%. This is first time Howard County has seen a 7 day rolling average over 8% since June 2nd (8.91%).

Here is a look at the reported data for Howard County since December 25th:

The all time low positivity rate for Howard County was 1.81% reported back on September 23rd and September 25th.

Howard County remains below the state positivity rate now reported at 9.16%. Here is a chart showing the state and Howard County:

Howard County has also seen a big uptick in new cases over the past two days with 220 new cases reported on December 8th and 210 new cases reported on December 9th. This is the first time since the pandemic began Howard County has reported more than 200 new cases in one day (and we did it on consecutive days).

Some good news is that Howard County has now administered more than 11,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine:

On January 5th the County Executive reported:

“To date, we have received 4,500 total vaccines and distributed approximately 1,966 dosages…”.

This means that Howard County has received 13,500 new doses and administered 9,662 doses since that date (per what is reported on the dashboard this morning).

Howard County provided  the following update of Phase 1A Vaccinations on January 7th:

ARTICLE UPDATE: Apparently there was a data error on the Howard County Health Department Dashboard and the actual numbers of COVID-19 vaccine received and administered is the following:

Here are important links with data on Coronavirus (COVID-19) numbers I use regularly:

Note: Daily COVID-19 updates going forward will only happen when something significant needs to be reported during the week. Weekly weekend charts will continue to happen on Saturday or Sunday (depending on my schedule and the timing of the release of the information). I have paused the weekly charts in January 2021 and they will restart in February. Monthly charts will happen around the 1st of each month.


Scott E