Two Howard County police officers and a 911 dispatcher are credited with saving a man’s life after he collapsed on tennis courts in Columbia last month.

A 911 caller advised that a man playing pickleball collapsed and was unconscious. Dispatcher Joanna Blankenship gave instructions for the caller to begin CPR. Within minutes, Cpl. Kyu Lee and PO Stephen Schillinberg arrived on scene, determined the man was in cardiac arrest, and took over performing CPR. Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services paramedics then arrived to continue life-saving measures and transport the man to the hospital, where he was awake and talking. Doctors credited Dispatcher Blankenship (not pictured), Cpl. Lee and PO Schillinberg for their initial response, which likely saved the man’s life.

Kudos to these three for their calm and decisive action!



Scott E