Howard County is not currently using the Maryland National Guard to assist with the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine

I was able to take a little time off mid-day yesterday and attend the press conference in Howard County concerning the Community Update of Phase 1A COVID-19 Vaccinations. I was able to ask one question at the end of that press conference. Here is that question:

“Question about the National Guard Emergency Response teams. A couple of days ago Governor Hogan mentions he was going to begin to dispatch those to the jurisdictions. Have they arrived in Howard County and if so what is their role at this point?”

The response from Dr. Maura Rossman, Howard County Health Officer was: “Howard County has not requested the National Guard at this point because with the amount of vaccine we currently have we can handle however when vaccine supply increases we certainly will be requesting National Guard and other volunteers”.

See the full video of the press conference here:

The basis of my question was from this announcement from Governor Hogan on January 5th:

NATIONAL GUARD EMERGENCY VACCINATION TEAMS. Beginning tomorrow, the Maryland National Guard will dispatch emergency support teams to assist local health departments with their vaccination clinics. Each of these teams will consist of 14 guard members who will assist with administering vaccines and providing logistical support.

Also if you look at the photos from the press conference yesterday you will see the National Guard noted on two of the display boards:

  • The first bullet under “Strategy To Expedite Vaccinations”
  • The 2nd bullet under item #4 under “Recommendations For Suture Success”:

So I thought it was a good question to ask yesterday.

Hopefully the state will be updating us on the rollout of the National Guard personnel to the various local jurisdictions to assist in the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Scott E

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