A great response from Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford to a question on Twitter

Most of my posts / articles on the blog are news, information, politics, sports and/or technology related. This one kind of falls into the politics category but it is really just a fun post to end the week.

It has been a rough week (especially the last few days) and I came across this Twitter exchange and it made me smile and laugh a bit (we all could use that right now).

Yesterday Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford put out the following tweet:

Then came this question from a person on Twitter:

Then the response from the Lt. Governor:

See this twitter exchange here: https://twitter.com/BoydKRutherford/status/1347223596297383936?s=20

That response made me smile. One can easily assume that “Nelson” was asking about the Governor but the Lt. Governor knows who his real boss is in life.

This post is not be taken as pro anything or anti anything…just a great response to a question on Twitter that made me smile. Hope it helped make you smile or laugh just a little today.

Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford is a native of Washington, D.C., Rutherford currently resides in Columbia, Maryland with his wife Monica. They have three adult children.

Scott E

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