The Howard County Public School System Central Office / Board of Education Headquarters was vandalized on January 6th. Here are images shared by Board of Education members:

Chao Wu:

Jolene Mosley:

Vicky Cutroneo:

Those are the images and messages I have seen online at this point from Board Members.

I have seen no posts or press releases as of this morning from the Howard County Police Department about the incident.

If more information is released I will be sure to update my readers.

Here is the location of the incident:

Scott E


  1. They need to post the videos, I am sure one of the many cams should have caught both face(mostlikely covered) and more importantly car and tag info. As I type this im looking at a pic from scott’s blog for the “Howard county Public School System 2020-2021 winter athletics season cancled” and in the pic next to the Howard county sign is a big dome cam it should have a wide angle view lets see the pics and catch the person or group!!! if the persons who did this are on here you get your just costing US ALL in HoCo money!!! In the US we fight via elections, via legislators, via courts NOT via destruction of property!!!

    • The board is costing us all with mismanagement and allowing a student member decide if students should go back to school. The most disadvantaged are effected most and these County Elites vote to deprave them of an equitable education. Bring the kids back to school.

  2. I do not want my child in school until most folks are vaccinated. Children are resilient and will bounce back. I am sick and tired of hearing adults say that the kids are suffering. Just admit you are tired of having your kids around. If you can work from home then continue to support online school. I only support in school options for those parents that cannot work from home. Everyone else the selfishness is astounding.

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