Mayor of Bowie Tim Adams creates an exploratory committee in preparation for a campaign for Maryland State Comptroller in 2022

Posted on Facebook on December 5th:

Today, I’m thrilled and humbled to announce the creation of an exploratory committee in preparation for a campaign for Maryland State Comptroller in 2022.

I’ve spent my whole life breaking down barriers. Having grown up in the Deep South, at a time when opportunities for young Black men were virtually non-existent, there were those who felt I could never achieve my dream of owning a business. Today, however, I am proud to serve as President and CEO of one of the most successful Black-owned technology companies in the country.

When I ran for Mayor of Bowie, I was told that it wasn’t my turn – that the political insiders had chosen another candidate, and that the voters weren’t ready to elect an outsider in a wheelchair. Today, however, I am profoundly honored to serve as the first Black Mayor in the 138-year history of this wonderful city.

Now, I want to put my years of executive experience, both in the public and private sectors, to work for the people of Maryland as your 34th Comptroller. Maryland is an extraordinary state in so many ways but, even setting aside the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, our economy has failed to reach its full potential because our actions don’t match our rhetoric. Our tax policies shield major corporations from paying what they owe and, instead, put the burden on the backs of consumers, families and small businesses.

Our procurement system is geared to award the most lucrative contracts to politically-connected vendors with the best lobbyists, instead of ensuring that the taxpayer of our state are getting the best deal for their money.

And in this, the wealthiest state in the richest country on earth, an unforgivable number of children are still forced to attend school in crumbling facilities with outdated technology, underpaid teachers and terrible Internet connections.

We can do so much better. We must do better, and we will. As your Comptroller and Chief Fiscal Officer, I will demand a culture of accountability for how your hard-earned tax dollars are invested and spent. As a progressive who is far too familiar with the corrosive effects of social and economic inequality, I will work every day in pursuit of a true climate of economic justice here in Maryland.

There are some who will claim those goals are mutually exclusive. They’re wrong. In fact, we cannot have one without the other. We can never truly deliver those essential elements of a better and fairer community if we waste our money and spend to excess.

Maryland’s next Comptroller will be chosen by the people of Maryland, and not hand-picked by the political insiders in Annapolis. Over the coming year, I look forward to sharing my vision for accountability, justice and change with Marylanders in every corner of our state. To learn more about my record and priorities, visit my website, Until then, please be safe and do everything possible to keep those around you safe.


The race for Comptroller of Maryland in 2022 is off to a fast start with one confirmed candidate (Brooke Lierman) and now a potential second candidate (Tim Adams)….and it is only January 2021.

Scott E

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