Howard County Executive Ball Statement on Events at U.S. Capitol  

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball released the following statement regarding the ongoing riots at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.: 

“Today’s images from the U.S. Capitol were despicable and sickening. I defend any American’s right to peacefully protest, but the injuries incurred by protestors, disregard for the direction of the U.S. Capitol Police and blatant disrespect toward the ‘people’s house’ was not an act of protest but chaos and anarchy. 

At the request of the Maryland State Police, Howard County Police Department Officers are assisting in efforts to maintain peace and order in our nation’s capital this evening. I thank them for this dedicated service and we send our hopes for their safety and the safety of all those in Washington, D.C. tonight.  

No matter our political affiliation nor the leaders we support, we are all Americans first and foremost. Today’s events should serve as a reminder that our nation cannot continue on this divisive course, we must work together and uphold our long-standing tradition of democracy.


Scott E