Information provided by Howard County Executive Calvin Ball on January 5th:

Our Howard County Health Department is working tirelessly to distribute and administer the COVID-19 vaccine to members of our community. To date, we have received 4,500 total vaccines and distributed approximately 1,966 dosages to our local physicians, healthcare workers, and first responders under Phase 1A of the distribution process, surpassing our present goal of administering 500 vaccines a day. We expect to administer 100% of our weekly allocation by Tuesday and anticipate additional doses so that we can continue clinics.

Currently, we are receiving the vaccine on a rolling basis from the Maryland Department of Health. While the vaccine is in extremely limited supply and dosage administration ramps up, we appreciate patience of our community members while it becomes available based upon CDC and State guidance. Please note, eligible residents will receive notification from their healthcare provider and/or the Howard County Health Department when registration becomes available for their group.

We want to ensure residents and families have reliable and accurate information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, understand the different phases of distribution and can make informed decisions. Visit for more information on our vaccine distribution.



1,966 dosages administered of 4,500 dosages received = 43.69% of dosages received have been administered to the members in the Phase 1A category. I have not yet seen a number from Howard County on how many people / residents are in the 1A category.

More on the categories as defined by the state can be found here:  Teachers will be part of the 1B phase of COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Maryland

My question of the morning is when does the Howard County Health Department begin to add the vaccine distribution data and information to their dashboard? This seems like something they would want to get online ASAP.

Scott E