Reported today by Governor Larry Hogan:

86,733 COVID-19 vaccinations have now been administered by providers in Maryland, and as I announced last night, providers have begun administering second doses to front line healthcare workers.

Six of our hospitals and health systems have now administered more than 50% of their doses. Overall, our hospitals and health systems have administered 37.6% of the doses delivered by Operation Warp Speed. Four of our county health departments have now administered more than 90% of their doses. Overall, county health departments have administered 36.2% of the doses delivered by Operation Warp Speed. CVS and Walgreens are reporting the administration of 15.7%% of doses delivered through their federal contract for nursing home vaccinations, and we are working together to resolve delays in data reporting.

Yesterday, I announced a series of actions to accelerate this process. Beginning today, Maryland National Guard emergency support teams are being dispatched to assist local health departments. We have issued directives to ensure vaccines are administered and reported quickly, and our phased distribution plan has been updated.

Read yesterday’s announcements:

Per the chart above Carroll County has only distributed 8.5% of their COVID-19 vaccine doses. I do not have the specific numbers of how many doses Carroll County has or how many have been administered.

I have looked through the public datasets related to COVID-19 from the state ( and there is not much information about vaccine doses by jurisdiction at this point. I will check back from time to time on these datasets and hopefully we get more information in the future.

Earlier today I posted: Howard County has administered 1,966 dosages of the COVID-19 vaccine under Phase 1A of the distribution process. Per the chart above Howard County has administered 43.1% of COVID-19 vaccine doses.

Scott E