The Carroll County Board of Education held a public meeting on January 4, 2021 and voted 4-1 to return to hybrid learning on Thursday January 7, 2021. The motion that passed included “I move that we open in the hybrid model on January 7th as planned. Also, we need to maintain continuity for the staff and the students our intention is not to close CCPS schools system wide moving forward unless the Governor or MSDA requires us to do so. Individual classes in schools will be monitored and maintained per the guidelines that exist at that time.”

Students in Carroll County Public Schools (CCPS) will have the opportunity to attend school in person twice each week going forward. You can get additional details from the Carroll County Times article here:

Here is a video of that vote:

Here is a video showing the vote plus discussion of the Board members:

Here is the full video of the meeting on January 4th that includes nearly 90 minutes of public testimony about hybrid learning:

Something I found VERY interesting was that this meeting was held in person and online. This provided parents and community members an opportunity to testify directly to the board members on this topic in the boardroom. That was something I liked seeing in that meeting last night.

Here’s how Maryland jurisdictions are handling the academic school year amid the coronavirus pandemic: (per the Baltimore Sun)

Some COVID-19 data for the State of Maryland, Carroll County and Howard County as of December 4th:

COVID-19 reported cases:

  • Maryland: 287,802
  • Carroll County: 5,392
  • Howard County: 11,657

COVID-19 Positivity Rate:

  • Maryland: 9.47%
  • Carroll County: 8.48%
  • Howard County: 6.86%

COVID-19 Case Rate Per 100K:

  • Maryland: 42.82
  • Carroll County: 34.77
  • Howard County: 32.55

COVID-19 Percent of Population Tested:

  • Howard County: 46.9%
  • Carroll County: 39.9%

COVID-19 beds in use:

  • Maryland: 1,751
  • Carroll County: 15 (noted on 12/20)
  • Howard County: 37


I have added a new category for the Blog “Carroll County” as I may try and start covering more stories from that county on the blog (similar to the occasional stories I cover from Anne Arundel County).

Scott E