Howard County had a rise in fatal opioid overdoses in 2020

Howard County Police Department provided the following information on social media:

An update on opioid overdose numbers in Howard County in 2020. A reminder that if you or someone you know in Howard County needs help with an opioid or other drug issue, call 800-422-0009, 24-hours a day, or walk into Grassroots (6700 Freetown Road, Columbia) for screening & referral assistance.

The Howard County Health Department also has information and resources available at the following link:


Per the chart above the number of fatal overdoses were up pretty significantly in 2020 while the non-fatal overdoses stayed about the same (down slightly) as the previous year.

Here is the location of Grassroots Crisis Intervention:

Scott E

One comment

  1. Straight counts are not valuable without analysis of statistical significance. “Higher” is not good enough, anymore. We are not stupid, anymore. Without mathematical context and comparison the numbers are nearly meaningless. Could be worse than it seems. Could be better than it seems. We just don’t know with this simple, elementary, count. Sighing at the pervasiveness of this type of reporting.


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