Howard County Health Department (HCHD) posted the following on Facebook on December 31st:

Vaccine supply is extremely limited in Howard County at this time. The Health Department is currently focused on providing vaccine for first responders and healthcare providers with direct patient care responsibilities in private clinics. Unfortunately, there are individuals sharing private registration links with family members, friends, and colleagues so they can make appointments.

These unauthorized appointments take a critical spot from a first responder or frontline healthcare worker. If you received a link from a friend or colleague to register even though you did not receive notification from HCHD, DO NOT register. Your appointment will not be honored. If you are a healthcare provider or first responder and would like to verify if your appointment is valid, contact the Health Department at 410-313-6284.


I totally understand the HCHD putting this message out on social media (and I am sure hoping it is picked up by other media to share). The county has a limited supply of COVID-19 vaccines right now and they have a plan when people are to be vaccinated:

We are in the 1A phase of that plan.

That being said there is a lot going on with social media and people saying “GO GET VACCINATED”. So that muddies the water a bit when “family members, friends, and colleagues” get a link to go sign up to get vaccinated or when you share a link on social media to a public survey to all of your followers:

Maybe there is a better method of running this program to get all those in the 1A category vaccinated without making a public plea asking for responses or sending out links that can be shared with others to sign up?

I hope all those in the 1A category get vaccinated ASAP so we can move on to the other phases of the plan soon. Many of us want to move forward and I hope the running of this program to get people vaccinated helps with that process.

Scott E