2020 Recap via Scott E’s Blog in Howard County; Top Posts and Achievements 

Here is my recap of items from the blog in Howard County in 2020. I will start with the top posts / articles (most read) from the blog this year:

  1. Howard County Has Largest One Day Spike Of New COVID-19 Cases (June 11). COVID-19 has been the theme of the year so not a big surprise that this was the most read post of the year. Unfortunately Howard County has far surpassed this one day spike we saw back in June many times over for new cases in a single day.
  2. Starting October 1, 2020, all stores in Howard County who provide customers a disposable plastic bag at the point of sale are required to charge 5 cents per bag (September 23). Bag tax was without question a topic I had great interest in over the past year. It passed and this was my heads up to the community back in September.
  3. Employee at BJ’s Wholesale Club in Columbia reported that a male suspect pushed a shopping cart into her and stole merchandise (July 14). Crime reports from Howard County Police Department are something I am doing more of on the blog. I do not write everything from the crime log…just the items I find significant. The community found this article significant.
  4. The two-hour special of 24 Hours to Hell and Back featuring Ellicott City will air on May 12 (March 1). Remember pre-COVID when there was so much buzz and excitement over Gordon Ramsey visiting Ellicott City for 24 Hours to Hell and Back? Seems like a long, long, long time ago now.
  5. Anne Arundel County looks to be the third jurisdiction in Maryland to implement additional COVID-19 restrictions (November 12). One of my top 5 articles was not about Howard County. I have done a couple of articles about Anne Arundel County and those articles have been somewhat popular reads. Maybe something to further explore in 2021.

Achievements :

Best Blog in Howard County: Scott E’s Blog was voted Best Blog in Howard County for the second time (2019 & 2020). For all those that took the time to vote for this blog I once again say THANK YOU! CLICK HERE for a history of past winners and honorable mentions.

Page Views:

Scott E’s Blog has grown significantly (in terms of page views) since launching the site back in 2014. The site recently went over 1.2 million pages views in 2020. Not bad for a local news and information blog. Here is a look back at past years:

  • 2014: 18,948 views
  • 2015: 26,631 views
  • 2016: 38,547 views
  • 2017: 52,937 views
  • 2018: 127,900 (old site) + 69,467 (new site): 197,367 total views
  • 2019: 519,463 views
  • 2020: 1,218,305 views as of December 29, 2020

News Listings:

A couple of news sources now regularly list posts / articles from Scott E’s Blog:

There have also been occasional listings from these other resources:

There were a lot of other website referrers to the blog site in 2020. I always find it interesting to see the listing of where people are coming from to view content from the blog.

Plans for 2021:

Right now the plan is to do much of the same as I have done in 2020. I may do more videos (be sure to subscribe to Scott E’s Blog YouTube Channel) with news, information and occasional interviews. I may try out some other new topics for the blog in 2021. I may come up with other totally new things for this next year. Be sure to check back on the blog to find out and be sure to follow the blog social media accounts for the most up to date information including stuff I share but do not write about: FACEBOOK & TWITTER.

Final thoughts:

I want to end this year on a positive note with my readers. I hope 2021 is better for us all and things at some point this next year begin to get back to normal. I think there are a number of positive items on the horizon and I am looking forward to the coming year.

I hope you all have a safe and fun end to this year. I look forward to continuing my hobby of providing local news and information to the community.

Scott E


  1. So many people read Ann Arundel County news because so many in Columbia work at NSA,
    FT. Meade and the Annapolis Junction contractor jobs. I Love you bloga


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