While having a movie on Tubi in the background while working today the StayCovidSafe commercial from Howard County Executive Calvin Ball came on the TV. I just had to get a photo of it while it played.

Here is that commercial for those that have not seen it yet:

One odd thing…this video is “Unlisted” on the Howard County Government YouTube page: That means you can not see it if you go to that page. Not sure the reason for that but maybe one of the HoCoGov readers of my blog can find out why.


ARTICLE UPDATE: That video is now public and can been seen on the HoCoGov YouTube channel. I knew folks over there read my blog from time to time.

Howard County Executive Ball Launched “StayCOVIDSafe” Campaign on December 21st (Read More Here) and mentioned “$100,000 towards print and TV advertising to target youth and minority communities, including Spanish and Korean languages”. I am guessing this is part of that spending (best guess).

Have you seen this commercial yet? If so…let me know where you saw it in the comments.

Scott E