The photo above is from a Howard County Board of Education Coffee & Conversation session held back in January of 2020. Obviously this type of meeting is not possible in January of 2021. But an online event could be held with technology the Board is using today (Zoom).

On the agenda for December 22nd is “Amended 2020-2021 Schedule of Board Meetings“. Noted in that document is the following:

It appears that the scheduled Coffee & Conversation session on January 23rd will be cancelled if this agenda item is approved. There is a future Coffee & Conversation session scheduled for March 4th (7:30pm to 9:00pm).


I am thinking this Board could continue that meeting on January 23rd online using Zoom. They could hold the session and have breakout rooms for the individual Board of Education members to hold smaller sessions (not that different from talking to people at tables in these sessions). This would make great use of existing technology to continue a scheduled event.

There is a lot happening with the school system in Howard County and this would be a good opportunity for parents and community members to have real discussions with individual Board of Education members.

This is something I hope our Board of Education members consider this afternoon / evening.

Scott E