The following was noted in the Howard County Board of Education meeting on December 22nd during the “COVID-19 Update/2020-2021 School Year Status (Michael Martirano) – WORK SESSION” on page 4 of the document:

Via Superintendent Dr. Michael J. Martirano –

Student Feedback on 1st Semester

  • I want to share information recently shared by our students regarding virtual instruction. Thousands of students provided feedback through several platforms.
    • More than 3,000 HCPSS students so far have signed an online petition regarding student workloads.
    • Over 280 students in Grades 6-12 have completed a detailed survey on student workloads shared by the Student Board Member Zack Koung.
    • Many students shared feedback during the November Howard County Association of Student Council (HCASC) meeting.
  • Common themes emerged, with students sharing frustration over workloads that often exceeded the expected 3–4 hours per week per class period described in the reopening plan.
  • We are working with school administrators on appropriate strategies for staff in assigning and grading student work, and teachers will receive professional development in this area.
  • Our guiding principle for this school year continues to be that all instruction should utilize assignments and assessments that truly focus on mastery achievement and do not burden staff or students with an overwhelming workload.


I have seen parents expressing concerns about workloads during the virtual environment for some time on social media.

Hopefully this feedback is taken seriously. I am sure it is hard to coordinate how much work each teacher is giving each student per day or per week…but…I would hope that maybe the use of all of the current technology could help coordinate that to some degree and provide reports to administrators on workloads per student.

Once the video from the meeting on December 22nd is available I will add a link to it here so that you can hear the Superintendents remarks.

Here is the video from the meeting on December 22nd:

Scott E