I think it is great how the blog has grown over the years and this seemed like a nice article to put online this morning (if for no other reason than just to document the accomplishment). Scott E’s Blog (news and information blog in Howard County) has exceeded 75,000 page views for ten consecutive months in 2020. Here is a summary of page views by month since early October 2018:

As I write this post the blog is at 1,185,571 page views in 2020. There is a good chance the blog will exceed 1.2 million page views this year.

Past years page views for this blog:

  • 2014: 18,948 views
  • 2015: 26,631 views
  • 2016: 38,547 views
  • 2017: 52,937 views
  • 2018: 127,900 (old site) + 69,467 (new site): 197,367 views
  • 2019: 519,463 views

I realize that this is probably not a big deal to anyone other than me…but it is my local blog and I thought it worth celebrating (a little) and documenting this morning.

Keeping up with some of the happenings around Howard County remains a fun hobby for me. As long as that remains the case I will continue to keep my hobby going in the future.

I am planning some changes to the blog in 2021. I have not nailed down what those changes will be just yet but some thoughts I had are:

  • More videos: I have recently been doing weekly news recaps and I might do more things like this on the Scott E’s Blog YouTube channel and publish on the blog site
  • More podcasts: I generally have used the Podcast channel for interviews with candidates running for office. That might change in 2021 as I look for other ways to use that platform
  • Work with others in the community to provide content on the blog: It can be difficult to handle all of the content on my own and maybe I begin to work with some other community members to provide content on the blog site

I have some other ideas but have not flushed those out just yet. If you have thoughts or ideas let me know in the comments.

The one thing I know for sure…Howard County remains a place where a lot of things happen…and folks in this community want to be kept up to date on a number of topics. There really is not a lack of things to write about in our community. I have learned that members of our community want a news and information resource that they do not have to pay a subscription to in order to find out what is happening around here. That might not be a popular opinion with some people in the community but it is a reality.

I wanted to end this article with a big THANK YOU to all of the blog readers. I appreciate you all reading the articles on the blog from the various popular places the blog posts are listed. The top referrers to the blog site today include:

  • News Break (mobile app and website)
  • Google Search
  • Facebook
  • Google News
  • Twitter

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Scott E

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  1. Congrats, Scott! I continue to tell friends, neighbors, and fellow volunteers about your blog. You are an amazing source of all types of local information – I’ve found your education and county government pieces tremendously helpful.

  2. Congratulations – I think your blog is a great source of local information and read it daily. Keep up the good work-

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