Howard County Public School System Students Provide Thoughts On Reopening Schools

Scott E’s Blog hosted a session to allow students in the Howard County Public School System to provide their thoughts on the reopening of schools. This session was held on December 17th at 6:30pm. Here is the video recording of that session:

I want to thank all of the students that took the time to join in on the live sessions or provide me videos to play during the session.

I will be sending a link to the YouTube video to the members of the Board of Education tomorrow morning via email in the hopes that they all watch and hear from students as future discussions on in person learning happen.

I want to thank Maryland State Senator Katie Fry Hester for joining in on the session and listening to these students. It is always great to know that our elected officials are listening.

If it looks like additional students are interested in a future sessions (I have already been asked that question) I will be happy to be the host for that session in the future.

Scott E


  1. Hey Scott, I moved to the area in March. My children were in school only a couple of days before school shutdown. Virtual learning has been difficult and my kiddos not having any friends here has made it worse. I’ve been following the whole “send our kids back to school” debacle. I love reading your articles on the subject. However, I’m a little disappointed that this particular video wasn’t more racially diverse. I still love your article’s and look forward to reading more in the future.


    • Rebekah – Just know there was no selection process for who provided comments in the sessions. The session was open to any and all students that wished to participate (either online or by sending me videos via email). Thanks for reading the blog.


    • Hi Rebekah, just wanted to say that my oldest daughter transferred schools this year, and didn’t know anyone either. I also have a Kindergartener, so that has been tricky too. Wasn’t sure if you’ve tried this – but I reached out to some parents via Canvas and our neighborhood FB group to schedule zoom dates with classmates. It’s not ideal, but has given my girls some time to socialize outside of school. Our guidance counselor has also offered lunch bunches to help the girls meet others, as well. Good luck to you!


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