Have you checked out the Howard County Snowplow Tracker updates?

Howard County Government posted the following on social media yesterday at 1:36pm:

As the snow falls across the county, County highways crews continue to treat County maintained roadways. Primary and secondary roads receive the first service to ensure that public safety vehicles can provide service to residents. Highway crews then concentrate their efforts on local residential roads. During a typical snowstorm of six to 12 inches, the County’s goal is to have the entire County Road System cleared within 12 to 18 hours after the storm ends. All County roads are serviced before the Bureau halts its efforts. You can track the progress of our snow removal equipment via the County’s Snow Plow Tracker at hocosnowplowtracker.org.

Also, please keep in mind, the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) is responsible for all the work and maintenance on interstate highways and roads that have a route number (such as US 40, US 29, MD 32, MD 175, etc.). For an intersection that includes a state and county road, the state takes precedence and has jurisdiction. For information about SHA roads and operations, please visit https://roads.maryland.gov/.

As always, for the most up-to-date forecast, tune to your local television and radio news stations.


If you look at the map this morning it looks like most all roads in Howard County have been “treated” in the past 4 to 8 hours. Here is a map of my neck of Howard County:

I am still unclear what “treated” means in the context of this online resource from our local government. I am also unclear how often this map is updated for residents. My road (which I can see in the map above) shows treated in the past 4 hours (that is what it shows at 7:20am on December 17th). I am not sure how accurate that is right now. Maybe I missed the County vehicle coming through this morning…that is possible…I know I caught a vehicle providing salt on the roads last night around 10:00pm on my front door camera:

I love having this resource but I have a number of questions about the accuracy of this resource this morning.

Here is my questions for readers: Do you think this resource is accurate for your road in Howard County? If not…how far off is it?

Visit https://511portal.com/howardcounty and let me know what your area says this morning and how accurate is the information based on what you have seen in your neighborhood.

This all being said I want to thank all of those working hard to keep our roads treated and in good shape around Howard County. I appreciate you all providing the service to keep us all safe on the roads.

Scott E


  1. the small section of road between my house and the neighbors always gets missed–they think it is part of our driveway, it takes REATED calls to get it done!!


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