Snow updates from Columbia and around Howard County on December 16th via Scott E’s Blog

5:26am update on December 17th: A light dusting of snow overnight here in Columbia. This morning it is mostly ice on my back deck that was all shoveled when I went to bed.

10:00pm update: Still raining (I think…I am not going out there to find out)…but the Howard County Government staff are out working tonight…and I just had to acknowledge it and thank them:

3:00pm update: Snow ended soon after my last update and now we seem to be getting some mix of rain, freezing rain and sleet. It is still darn cold out there. More snow expected tonight (I believe between midnight and 4am). Unless something significant changes I will have my next update tomorrow morning.

Here is what the roads out front of my house look like right now:

I will also have an update on the Snow Plow Tracker in the morning. I am working on getting additional information about it before I publish anything further.

Scott E

1:45pm update: 2 inches of snow in Columbia per my very unofficial readings in my front yard

I also had to perform a dog rescue in my front yard this afternoon:
The dog is fine for now but we will be keeping a close eye on him the rest of the day.

12:50pm update: Snow starting to build up a little in Columbia. Still not that bad….but it is still early on in the day:

11:10am update: Snow has begun to stick to the ground a bit. Not much yet…but I will continue to monitor the situation here in Columbia.

10:45am update: it is very light…but we have snowflakes falling in Columbia now.

9:00am update: 30 degrees outside and still no snow yet. Looks like we are a couple of hours before we see anything in my area. On the upside I got my first snow report of the day from Glenwood:

Keep those reports coming in (especially once the snow starts) to the blog via social media or email.

7:00am update: 28 degrees and no precipitation yet. Per the sources I have read and listened to we will not see anything today until closer to mid-morning or mid-day (10:00am or 11:00am…maybe). So other than darn cold there is no update early this morning.

I have been tracking the forecast for snow in Howard County (specifically Columbia) all week in this article (Snow expected in Howard County on Wednesday December 16th). The forecast has been all over the place this week (anywhere from 1 to 12 inches was expected at different times on different days this week).

It looks like Columbia will see something like 1 to 3 inches today. That seems to be what most are reporting. Of course…that could change. I am hoping that they are correct this morning.

My goal is to use this page to report out how much snow Scott E’s Blog sees at home throughout the day. I will be reporting out updates here for what I see (every few hours). I will have the tape measure ready and will be taking some photos from the front or back yard of the snow totals.

If you have photos and snow totals from your part of Howard County that you would like to provide…send those photos (and location) of snow totals to and I will add those to this page.

Stay tuned…and check back on this article from time to time today…we will all see how close the weather people get to their forecasts.

I will also be putting out information about the Howard County Snow Plow Tracker activity as I see it updated (

Scott E

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