Noted in the Howard County Police Daily Crime Bulletin, Thursday, December 10, 2020

Home invasion robbery

Columbia, 21046: 7500 block of Monarch Mills Way, Dec. 9 11:21 p.m.

An adult male victim reported that a male suspect entered his residence and displayed a handgun. The suspect assaulted the victim, stole the victim’s car keys and then stole cash out of the victim’s car before fleeing. No one was injured. The investigation is ongoing.


Here is that area:

Scott E


  1. I keep noticing lately an almost daily armed robbery and/or assault in Howard County . I’m asking what is our Commissioner Ball doing about this alarming trend?

    • What do you think Ball should be doing? Unemployment is high, benefits are running out and people need money to survive. These are desperate times and some people will take desperate measures. Police can’t be on every street corner. Citizens must lock their doors, watch their surroundings while out and about (instead of gazing at their phone!) and make it difficult to be a target of crime.

      • Most of these attacks are happening in parking lots, stores, etc, so what are you talking about? “Some people will take desperate measures “ …. these are not some people, these are criminals you are talking about. Shooting people for few bucks is not acceptable under no circumstances. Surely he could re enforce the police presence to begin with.
        You’re suggesting we should passively accept increased crime just because of tough times ?!? And because the bad position our police force is put by the “defund the police” abominable initiative ?

        • Get a grip. When times are tough, crime increases. Your blatent attempt to turn this into an issue to use against a politician you don’t like is showing.

          • A cold, to the point comment …I hope this kind of violence does not happen to you or someone you love, then cold statistics change into personal tragedy. Lastly, I expect from an elected official to discharge his duty towards protecting his taxpayers, at least as he was capable to lead protests against “police brutality” and for social justice.

        • There’s also a head of police where that responsibility lies. Calvin Ball is probably 100% focused on preventing needless injury and death due to covid-19. That all any county executive is doing st this time, and right now this disease has murdered 280,000 people, including 5,100 from our own state. That’s about 9.3 times the amount of people killed my guns every year.

          Get a grip, and some perspective. These are horrible crimes that shouldn’t happen, but like the poster said above, be vigilant. You aren’t supposed to be going anywhere unless absolutely necessary anyway, so just stay out of parking lots for a couple months and you’ll be fine.

          Perspective, my friend, is important.


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