The Merriweather Post (local blogger in Howard County) is reporting “CA continues to seek an injunction in the never-ending Symphony of Lights dispute“. In that post he mentions:

  • “The Columbia Association (CA) is continuing its legal pursuit of an injunction that, if granted, would put an immediate stop to this year’s event. After being denied its request for injunction by the Howard County Circuit Court on November 25, CA filed a second motion for injunction pending appeal with Maryland’s Court of Special Appeals on December 8 requesting that the higher court overturn the decision of the Circuit Court and put an immediate stop to this year’s event.”

Read the full article with details here:

Goodness we thought this was behind us….but as a reminder that the Columbia Association did say the following back on November 25th:

I guess they were serious about the “does not end this process”.

Howard County Executive stated the following back on November 25th about this event:

  • “If there was ever a year where our community needs a COVID safe activity that evokes holiday cheer and raised much needed funding for our hospital – it is 2020. This season, we have had to miss out on some of our most cherished traditions and with the Symphony of Lights, we can provide a safe way to lift spirits through these difficult times. As we continue to encourage our residents to stay COVID safe, we also must be cognizant of the mental health needs of our residents, and the positive impact that a safe, joyous, community event like Symphony of Lights can provide to their holiday season”.

I wonder what our County Executive thinks of this latest attempt by the Columbia Association to stop this event?

This is a list of the current Columbia Association Board of Directors:

The next Columbia Association Board of Directors Virtual Meeting will be held on December 10th at 7:00pm. See the agenda here: Maybe we should send them emails to about this issue in advance of that meeting today?

If interested in what the Columbia Association is trying to stop…check out these photos from the 2020 Merriweather Symphony of Lights.

Here are some past articles from this blog on this topic:

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