The President and CEO of the Restaurant Association of Maryland (Marshall Weston) put out this statement out today in response to the Mayor of Baltimore City (Brandon Scott) shutting down indoor and outdoor dining:

“Restaurants are frustrated and angry that their livelihoods, and the livelihoods of their employees, have been taken away from them. Restaurants need significantly more financial relief to ensure that their employees can make ends meet and that the restaurant can continue to pay rent and be able to reopen fully when restrictions are lifted. Mayor Scott has taken significant and drastic actions in the interest of public health, and he now needs to take the same significant and drastic actions to ensure that 1,400 City restaurants also survive this pandemic.”

Governor Hogan will hold a press conference tomorrow at 3:00pm. What will be announced? I am not sure but I bet many will be watching.

Locally….does our County Executive (Calvin Ball) have plans to implement further restrictions that other local jurisdictions are looking to do soon? It is a question I have this evening and something I will watch closely and report out to our community.

Scott E