Photos from the 2020 Merriweather Symphony of Lights

Good friends (and readers of this blog) attended the Merriweather Symphony of Lights and sent over some photos for my blog readers (click on the images to view larger versions or view images on Facebook):


My friends told me that it took about 20 minutes to get into the Symphony of Lights yesterday (and yesterday was a slow day). Here is a calendar and wait times per the Symphony of Lights website:


  • Green: A very short wait, if any
  • Yellow: Expect some wait during peak hours
  • Red: Our busiest nights – Anticipated wait times may exceed 2 hours during peak hours

  • The Symphony of Lights runs from November 25th through January 2nd
  • The price is $20 per vehicle, except for walk-thru nights
  • A portion of proceeds benefit HoCo General Hospital
  • No limos, buses or dual axle vehicles are allowed
  • The drive through entrance is at the intersection of Broken Land Pkwy and Hickory Ridge Rd
  • All events occur rain, shine or snow

Visit for more information.

Scott E

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