The Howard County Public School System launched a new COVID-19 dashboard, aimed at identifying positive COVID-19 cases of students and staff who have been in HCPSS facilities.

The dashboard will be updated every Wednesday by 11 a.m., consistent with Maryland Department of Health reporting. Any cases reported after Tuesdays will be included in the next week’s update.

“This dashboard is intended to provide stakeholders with a transparent overview of COVID-19’s impact on our schools and offices,” said Dr. Michael J. Martirano, HCPSS Superintendent. “The metrics included on this dashboard, combined with those being provided by the Howard County Health Department, Maryland Department of Health, and Maryland State Department of Education, will present a comprehensive view of positive cases as we begin to transition students and staff back into our buildings.”

This dashboard reflects positive test results that are self-reported to HCPSS each week of students, staff or visitors in school or office buildings during their contagious period. The data is non-cumulative and is displayed by individual location and by school level, for each of the prior three weeks. An archive of data dating back to July 15, 2020, is available by selecting a location name or date.

Additional information on the HCPSS COVID-19 dashboard includes communication protocols for a positive case, family and staff reporting responsibilities, and health resources.

The HCPSS COVID-19 dashboard can be accessed from the HCPSS homepage or directly at


I am not sure how valuable this data is given what is being reported:

  • Numbers reflect positive test results self-reported to HCPSS each week and of students, staff or visitors in school/office buildings during their contagious period.
  • Numbers are not cumulative.

To me the data would be more valuable if the data was broken out by students, staff and visitors….not all together. Not sure this really tells us much.

Also…why not show the cumulative data on the dashboard? I do not understand this decision either.

Hopefully this is just the initial rollout of this dashboard data to the community and improvements and enhancements will be coming for community members interested in this data.

Scott E