At the December 7th Howard County Board of Education meeting Dr. Chao Wu was duly elected Chair of the Board and Mrs. Jennifer Mallo was duly elected Vice Chair.

Dr Wu was the only member nominated so a vote was not necessary for his election to Chair of the Board.

Jen Mallo and Vicky Cutroneo were nominated to be the Vice Chair of the Board and a vote was taken between the eight members for this election. Jen Mallo won (the vote is in secret so we do not know the final results – although I have seen many speculate how it all went down).

Another interesting fact is that during this vote the audio for the Board meeting cut out (for those watching online). The audio stops working at the 21:13 mark of the video soon after Dr. Martirano stops his video to consult with his staff on the voting process. It appears as if the audio was changed that possibly caused this glitch:

The audio for the meeting does not return until the 28:37 mark of the video. There is a gap of 7 minutes and 24 seconds with no audio recording (or record) of the meeting last night (which included remarks about the voting for Vice Chair and part of the Superintendent report to the Board). As a viewer this was very annoying.

You know how you hear rumors and they are not even close to what happens….this is not one of those moments. The rumor about Dr. Chao Wu becoming Chair and Jen Mallo becoming Vice Chair had been circulating for a while in online posts. The rumor was even addressed by Dr. Wu online in a public social media post on December 2nd:

  • The recent speculation regarding leadership for the next board is unfounded. There have been ongoing discussions among board members regarding the board leadership. At this point, nothing has been finalized yet. I believe all board members are equal partners and each should play an important role in moving the board in the right direction. I sincerely hope the next board will work together to solve many issues we are facing now and regain the trust from the community. Thanks for your attention.

As you can image there were a great number of social media posts last night after the election of the new Chair and Vice Chair went down as expected via the rumors. This kind of felt like a stumble right out of the gate for this new Board.

I wish everyone on the Board of Education much success going forward. There will be a GREAT many hurdles and challenges this board will deal with and I hope to see them work together to find solutions that are best for our school system.

Scott E


  1. I wonder if the video posted will have those 7 minutes. If not, is this an OMA violation as there are no minutes for this important portion of the meeting?

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