The following information was posted on the social media account of Howard County Executive Calvin Ball on December 6th:

We are in a heightened state of alert regarding COVID-19 in Howard County, Maryland, and our Nation. We are seeing alarming trends and are strongly urging our community to take preventative measures. To date in Howard County, we have 8,815 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 3,944 total recoveries, and 165 of our neighbors have sadly passed from this virus. We are seeing an unfortunate increase of deaths due to COVID-19. Our heart and prayers go out to the families and friends of the departed. We wish them peace in the midst of their grief.

As of 9:00 a.m. this morning and according to the Maryland Department of Health, our 7-day average positivity rate is 6.62% and our 7-day average case rate per 100,000 of our population is 31.98. Additionally, we administered 12,870 tests last week, doubling our goal of 6,500 tests per week. Now more than ever, it is vital that we work together to reverse this trend and reach the CDC’s and the Governor’s goal of a positivity rate below 5% and a 7-day average case rate below 10.

We are currently seeing more COVID-19 hospitalizations on the rise, causing us to be in a heightened monitoring state. As of today, there are 25 COVID-19 patients in both ICU and Acute Care Units at Howard County General Hospital. Our unit utilization rates are 66.7% in our ICU Unit, 73.0% in our Acute Care Unit, and 16.3% of our ventilators are in use.

With the increased passing of residents, the impact of coronavirus on our community has become even more significant. We must refocus and reinforce our efforts to stop the spread among our family, friends, and neighbors. Most importantly, wear a face covering, avoid large gatherings, and try to do as much outdoors as safely as possible. We can and will get through this, together.

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Scott E