During the Howard County Board of Education meeting on December 7th (at 3:15pm) the new members of the Board of Education will be sworn in. Vicky Cutroneo (current Vice Chair of the Howard County Board of Education posted the following information to our community yesterday):

Tomorrow new members of the Board of Education will be sworn in. It will begin at 3:15pm and will be televised on Howard County Comcast channel 95 or Verizon channel 42 and web streamed live at https://hcpsstv.new.swagit.com/events/6685

Per law, swearing in must be done in person, so the ceremony is starting early to allow new Board Members time to travel home for meeting which begins at 4pm. All health and safety precautions will be followed.

Order of swearing-in:
Antonia Watts
Jolene Mosley
Jennifer Mallo
Christina Delmont-Small
Dr. Yun Lu

Once the swearing-in ceremony has been completed, Dr. Martirano will state the meeting is recess. Once all Board members presence is confirmed, the Board meeting will begin with me calling the meeting to order and then turning it over to Dr. Martirano for the election of officers.

Election of Officers:
A ballot system has been devised via Survey Monkey to allow virtual confidential and anonymous elections for Chair and Vice Chair.

Once the election of officers is over, the new Chair will then take over the meeting.

Normally newly elected Board members have an opportunity immediately following the swearing-in to make brief comments. Since we are virtual, that is not possible. Therefore, all comments will be made during Board Member Reports, which is on the agenda.


Here are some of my previous thoughts prior to the new HoCoBOE members being sworn in today:

Hopefully this first meeting goes well…smooth…and no we see no drama. I think some of the decisions that should be made should be easy…but given what we have seen from our Board over the past two years I honestly have no idea what might happen today.

I will be sure to tune in this afternoon to watch some of the meeting (if possible given my work schedule).

Scott E